Consultancy Services

We help organisations design, develop, deploy, monitor and maintain secure software applications.

Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your critical business systems.

Secure Development

Protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business. Make security a primary concern on your projects.

Cloud Architecture

Whether it's greenfield or migrating existing systems, we can help you maximise the return on your cloud investments.

Project Consulting

The outcome of your software projects will be driven primarily by the people involved. Set the stage for their success.

Development of Secure Software
Deliver better solutions with better security.

Eliminate many types of vulnerability and weakness with a more comprehensive understanding and implementation of the actual business your applications serve. Make security a primary concern and protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your business whilst delivering better solutions.

Domain Modelling and Technical Architecture

Designing appropriate models for the many concepts, rules and flows within your organisation is a crucial aspect in any successful application. We can help you implement systems which better reflect and support the specific requirements of your business domain.

Better Security through Better Design

Mitigate against a range of common weaknesses with practices that deliver more than just functional solutions. We can help you design and develop applications around the unique confidentiality, integrity and availability requirements of your organisation.

Development Reviews and Mentoring

Central to any successful long-term project are the various reviews a team performs during development. This is especially true in ever-evolving fields such as security. We can help your team extend their processes and develop a capability for preventing issues sooner.

Cross-Platform Experience

Any application can be insecure depending on how the underlying technologies and frameworks are used, configured and supported. Our extensive experience across .NET, Java, JavaScript, Ruby and their eco-systems means we can bring value no matter the platform.

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Architecture for Cloud Systems
Maximise the return on your cloud investment.

Designing, developing and deploying systems securely in the cloud presents unique challenges and opportunities. Whether it's a greenfield project or you're migrating existing applications, we can help you succeed.

Using IaaS, PaaS and SaaS in Combination

Discover and leverage the appropriate services and offerings to successfully deliver your project, scale with demand and control operating costs. We can help you evaluate the options and make informed choices.

Build Immutable, Secure and Scalable Infrastructure

Use the cloud as a commodity and exploit its advantages. Define, deploy and replicate your environments quickly and cost-effectively using infrastructure as code tools. We can help you better manage the resources in your cloud estate.

Cloud Migration Strategies

Planning which systems to migrate, when to move them and where they should go is essential to a successful outcome. We can help you plan and execute your migrations in ways that mitigate potential risks and lead to better results.

Vendor Certified Platform Specialists

We've designed, implemented and supported systems on Amazon Web Services, Azure and others. Have confidence that whoever your cloud vendor and whatever your project requirements we have the skills and expertise to help you deliver.

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Consulting on Software Projects
Streamline your team's processes and practices.

The outcome of your project will be driven primarily by the people involved. Give them the tools, capacity and structures to succeed. Discover and expand upon the processes and practices that are working, eliminate those that are not.

Independent Technical Reviews

It is always wise to have an independent and unbiased second opinion. Leverage our extensive cross-platform and multi-discipline technical experience to review various aspects of your project before committing further valuable time and resources.

Agile Framework Improvement

The essence of agile development is to uncover better ways of delivering software yet many teams simply go through the motions and never realise improvements. We can help optimise your processes and practices, uncovering what is and what is not working to your advantage.

Delivery Pipeline Improvement

Streamline the pipeline between your product backlog and production systems with a CI/CD process that helps your teams deliver faster whilst building upon the security and overall quality. We can help you evaluate the options and implement what's right for your unique environment.

Offshore Team Integration

Most models for offshore development fail. One of the keys to success is recognising why co-located teams are successful and making that happen at distance. We can help you recruit, structure and integrate your nearshore and offshore development teams.

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