Power, Clock, and Reset Concerns

A category in the Common Weakness Enumeration published by The MITRE Corporation.


Categories in the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) group entries based on some common characteristic or attribute.

Weaknesses in this category are related to system power, voltage, current, temperature, clocks, system state saving/restoring, and resets at the platform and SoC level.


Comparison Logic is Vulnerable to Power Side-Channel Attacks

A device's real time power consumption may be monitored during security token evaluation and the information gleaned may be used to determine the value of the referenc...

Hardware Features Enable Physical Attacks from Software

Software-controllable device functionality such as power and clock management permits unauthorized modification of memory or register bits.

Improper Lock Behavior After Power State Transition

Register lock bit protection disables changes to system configuration once the bit is set. Some of the protected registers or lock bits become programmable after power...

Improper Protection for Out of Bounds Signal Level Alerts

Untrusted agents can disable alerts about signal conditions exceeding limits or the response mechanism that handles such alerts.

Improper Protections Against Hardware Overheating

A hardware device is missing or has inadequate protection features to prevent overheating.

Improperly Preserved Integrity of Hardware Configuration State During a Power Save/Restore Operation

The product performs a power save/restore operation, but it does not ensure that the integrity of the configuration state is maintained and/or ...

Insufficient Protection Against Instruction Skipping Via Fault Injection

The device is missing or incorrectly implements circuitry or sensors to detect and mitigate CPU instruction skips that can be caused by...

Missing or Improperly Implemented Protection Against Voltage and Clock Glitches

The device does not contain or contains improperly implemented circuitry or sensors to detect and mitigate voltage and clock glitches and protect sensitive information...

Missing Write Protection for Parametric Data Values

The device does not write-protect the parametric data values for sensors that scale the sensor value, allowing untrusted software to manipulate the apparent result and...

Unitialized Value on Reset for Registers Holding Security Settings

Security-critical logic is not set to a known value on reset.


Hardware Design

This view organizes weaknesses around concepts that are frequently used or encountered in hardware design. Accordingly, this view can align closely with the perspectiv...

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