Business Logic Errors

A category in the Common Weakness Enumeration published by The MITRE Corporation.


Categories in the Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) group entries based on some common characteristic or attribute.

Weaknesses in this category identify some of the underlying problems that commonly allow attackers to manipulate the business logic of an application. Errors in business logic can be devastating to an entire application. They can be difficult to find automatically, since they typically involve legitimate use of the application's functionality. However, many business logic errors can exhibit patterns that are similar to well-understood implementation and design weaknesses.


Allocation of Resources Without Limits or Throttling

The product allocates a reusable resource or group of resources on behalf of an actor without imposing any restrictions on the size or number of resources that can be ...

Authorization Bypass Through User-Controlled Key

The system's authorization functionality does not prevent one user from gaining access to another user's data or record by modifying the key value identifying the data.

Improper Enforcement of a Single, Unique Action

The product requires that an actor should only be able to perform an action once, or to have only one unique action, but the product does not enforce or improperly enf...

Improper Enforcement of Behavioral Workflow

The product supports a session in which more than one behavior must be performed by an actor, but it does not properly ensure that the actor performs the behaviors in ...

Incorrect Ownership Assignment

The product assigns an owner to a resource, but the owner is outside of the intended control sphere.

Premature Release of Resource During Expected Lifetime

The product releases a resource that is still intended to be used by itself or another actor.

Unverified Ownership

The product does not properly verify that a critical resource is owned by the proper entity.

Weak Password Recovery Mechanism for Forgotten Password

The product contains a mechanism for users to recover or change their passwords without knowing the original password, but the mechanism is weak.


Software Development

This view organizes weaknesses around concepts that are frequently used or encountered in software development. This includes all aspects of the software development l...

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