Incorrect Calculation of Multi-Byte String Length

The software does not correctly calculate the length of strings that can contain wide or multi-byte characters.


The following examples help to illustrate the nature of this weakness and describe methods or techniques which can be used to mitigate the risk.

Note that the examples here are by no means exhaustive and any given weakness may have many subtle varieties, each of which may require different detection methods or runtime controls.

Example One

The following example would be exploitable if any of the commented incorrect malloc calls were used.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <strings.h>
#include <wchar.h>

int main() {

  wchar_t wideString[] = L"The spazzy orange tiger jumped " \
  "over the tawny jaguar.";
  wchar_t *newString;

  printf("Strlen() output: %d\nWcslen() output: %d\n",
  strlen(wideString), wcslen(wideString));

  /* Wrong because the number of chars in a string isn't related to its length in bytes //
  newString = (wchar_t *) malloc(strlen(wideString));

  /* Wrong because wide characters aren't 1 byte long! //
  newString = (wchar_t *) malloc(wcslen(wideString));

  /* Wrong because wcslen does not include the terminating null */
  newString = (wchar_t *) malloc(wcslen(wideString) * sizeof(wchar_t));

  /* correct! */
  newString = (wchar_t *) malloc((wcslen(wideString) + 1) * sizeof(wchar_t));

  /* ... */


The output from the printf() statement would be:

Strlen() output: 0
Wcslen() output: 53

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